Hello my name is Mia Underwood.

Here is a bit about me and my background to give you an insight into my journey so far.

I am half Danish and half English bought up by two very creative people. My Danish mother Birgit Underwood is an amazing cook and built her own company called Twenty-two and my British father George Underwood is an established international fine artist who creates the most surreal and wonderful oil paintings.

I was born with a paint brush and sketchbook in hand!

I studied art at school and wanted to be a fine artist. I did a foundation course at Chelsea Art College although some how during this taster period I got into graphic design during the end of the course and thought maybe being a graphic designer would be a better career choice. From this sudden decision I then went onto do a BA degree ‘Graphic and Media Design’ at London College of Printing.  I got the taste for typography and incorporating my design into print, inspired by David Carson’s RayGun magazine, Neville Brody and indie rock album cover designs. From there I got into graphic design and illustration which I have been doing for the past 10 years, I go by the name ‘GraphicNation‘.

My crafty work…another string to my bow
I recently got back into traditional crafts while I was on maternity leave and dreamed of finding a way to escape the office environment so I can spend some more time with my little girl and be a yummy mummy.

Since I was a child I have been fascinated with handmade traditional crafts. Every year when I go to visit my family in Denmark I come back bursting at the seams with new ideas and enthusiasm. Denmark to me is a great source of inspiration whether it’s textiles, interior, furniture, toys or graphic design…It’s where my heart is.

I love dreaming up new ideas for products, maybe sitting in a café or a train and sketching them down. I carry my sketchbook with me at all times as I never know when the next idea will strike. When I have a winning idea I then work out how to make it.

The next stage is to research what material or fabric to use.  Some of my sketches I go back to many times until it feels completely right. Every time I make something I learn something new along the way. I always ask my friends and family for their feedback…as you know when you have struck gold is when everyone wants one!